2013 Dodge Viper SRT – Better, Faster, and Lighter than ever before.


2013 Dodge Viper SRT

Chrysler has just created the ultimate Viper of its generation. The 2013 Dodge Viper SRT has evolved in so many ways compared to the one 2010 model. It weighs less, has a more powerful engine, more powerful brakes, new electronic technology, better wheels, and much more. The vehicle is now much more efficient and is 50% stiffer than the 2010 viper. The Viper is equipped with ultra lightweight forged wheels so it can sink its claws into the ground and stick like glue.

The updated V-10 engine has an estimated power rating of 640 horsepower at 6,150 rpm, an increase of 40 horsepower over the 2010 Viper. Producing 600 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,950 rpm, the Viper puts out the most torque of any naturally aspirated sports car in the world. It‘s not only the lightest Viper ever created, but it is also the 3rd fastest car in the world behind Ferrari and Bugatti Veyron.

For Viper lovers all over the world, this is the car to get. You’ll not only be fast in it, but you will look cool driving it. Check with your local Dodge dealer at http://www.mileone.com


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