Burn Notice Signs Hyundai


USA Network’s Burn Notice Signs Hyundai Sponsorship

Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), demolitions expert on USA Network’s top-rated series ‘Burn Notice’ was in need of a new set of wheels during the mid-season finale. Hyundai was more than willing to step in and offer her a lift!

Hyundai has signed on as a 360-degree sponsor of the show, in a deal that includes significant integration. Hyundai’s Genesis Coupe will serve as Fiona’s new ride through the remaining of season three. Nice set of wheels!

There are customized vignettes for Hyundai, short sketches designed to underscore the connection between the ‘Burn Notice’ characters and the Hyundai brand. While tagged tune-ins for the progam and banners will showcase the Hyundai Tuscan, a midsize SUV.

Hyundai also is incorporated in USA’s online videogame, Covert Ops: Vegas Heist, as Fiona’s Genesis will be a featured element throughout the game.

Burn Notice was the second most-watched series on ad-supported cable in 2009. AIring Thursdays at 10:00pm on USA Network, don’t miss the action pact season with the thrilling new Genesis Coupe features on Burn Notice.

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