Does Color Matter When Buying A New Car?


What does your car color say about you and your personality?

Did you know most new car buyers make an almost instantaneous decision when it comes to color? Turns out, color matters when it comes to buying a new car. So what are the latest color trends on the market today? Also, what does your car color say about you and your personality?

Journalist, Malcolm Gladwell, wrote a best-selling book called “The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.” The book explains how consumers make split-second decisions after companies have spent millions of dollars in research and advertising. People’s intuition plays a large role when you buy a new car and especially when considering color.

As for color trends silver was the most popular color for new car buyers a couple of years back, but silver was recently eclipsed by white as the most preferred new car color.

Color is emotional and a very personal expression of your new car. Which colors match your personality and which colors are trendy today?

Classic Black, White and Silver

Black, white and silver car paint colors have been popular for more than a decade now and about half of all new cars sold in the United States are manufactured in these three classic car colors.

Silver is timeless, practical and solid. Those who drive silver cars are looking for quality, high resale value and practicality.

Black cars are mysteriously sophisticated and denote authority, so maybe that’s why cars driven by top officials around the world are almost always black.

White is for purists who love the color for its cleansing feeling.


A few years back when orange and its hues from earthy pumpkin to metallic copper were all the rage? Now, as Project Runway creator Heidi Klum would say, orange is “out.”

Orange is for those who are fun, flamboyant and warm, but it has recently gone out of favor with the American public.

Blues & Greens

Blue is a classic car color while green can be either funky or more traditional.

Blue is a calming color and is also seen as trustworthy and committed. Blue also has a wide range of hues from electric blue turquoise to serene sky blue to sparkling dark navy blue.

Green is tranquil, refreshing, soothing and promotes harmony. Ironically, green has been declining in popularity as a new car color since the 1980s.

Still can’t make a color decision on a new car? Close your eyes and imagine what color you want to see several times a day while walking up to your new car. Do you want to be excited, calmed or feel more powerful?  There are more choices than ever – have fun expressing yourself!

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