Jeep Enthusiast: Bennie David Jr. And His 1992 Wrangler With Over 300K Miles Of Travel. Same Motor, Same Transmission, Same Seats, and Same Paint Job For The Whole Ride.

On July 1st twenty years ago, Bennie David Jr. walked into the local Heritage Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealer on Reisterstown Road to purchase a Jeep.  The radiant fire red Wrangler with bucket seats and a cloth top was exactly what he was looking for.  The year was 1992, and he couldn’t wait to get his custom stripes painted and ride her down the streets of town. With MPG being less of a concern in the 90’s, a 15 city/16 hwy rating sounded good to Bennie.  That would be fine with most drivers today as well if it only cost them $18 to fill their gas tanks – just like it did for Bennie in 1992 at the local Crown station, $18.03 for 13.7 gallons of gas! He still has all his receipts.

Bennie was sure to mention the “outstanding service” from his salesman, Vance E. Harvey, and the “long hours he spent with me and the large amount of money that he helped me to save” were his motivation in contacting the dealership and Mr. Harvey after all those years.

Since that July day in 1992, Bennie has taken his Wrangler all over as a Sanitation Expert, to places like Pennsylvania, Japan, California, Hawaii, and currently resides in Nevada after racking up 307,011 miles.  The high praise Bennie and his Wrangler received were well worth the time he spent making sure she was well taken care of.

Today, 20 years later, there are still reliable cars like Bennie’s being sold at Heritage Automotive with salespeople who enjoy what they do and continue to put drivers behind the wheel of cars they can love for years to come.  If those drivers do as good of a job as Bennie did, there is no telling how many years that love can last.


Bennie said  “…outstanding service I received from the salesman, Mr. Vance E. Harvey. He was very instrumental in my decision to purchase my 1992 Jeep Wrangler, because of the long hours he spent with me and the large amount of money that he helped me to save…”

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