2011 Mazda2 is Coming to Maryland This Summer


Coming to your Maryland Mazda dealer this summer is the all-new Mazda2. They call this car “Zoom Zoom in its most concentrated form;” compact and efficient, yet packed with style and substance.

If you missed the Baltimore Auto Show last month, don’t worry you’ll be seeing more of this sporty car soon enough. Until that day comes, you will just have to hear about how great the newly developed suspension, Electric Power Assist Steering system, Sequential Valve Timing and a powerful MZR 1.5 engine handles from our foreign friends.

As a Mazda owner, it should be no surprise that the new Mazda2 has a sleek outer shell, superior handling, gets great mileage and is completely affordable. What is different is that it’s about 100kg lighter than its predecessors and even more efficient, but without the loss of its other outperforming qualities.

Lighter materials use to produce the Mazda2 is a major contributing factor honoring its top safety achievements and fuel economy. The vehicle has already achieved world-leading crash safety ratings (5 stars in the Euro New Car Assessment Program (NCAP, the highest possible result) without compromising drive performance and fuel economy.

With numerous awards already under its belt in China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Slovakia, and more, it’s time to prove itself in the States. The Mazda2 should bring a fun and sleek new look to the streets, and give consumers another option in the compact car segment.

Mazda2: lighter, nimbler, safer, more economical, cleaner – and just plain more fun.

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