smart car Hits Deer and Proves Safety Standards


My neighbor hit a deer with her smart…

Do you know any older women that are tough as nails, smart as a whip and have the ability to give you a certain look that can kinda scare you? We’ve all met a few, maybe your 7th grade math teacher, the lady that volunteers at your church or perhaps I just described your grandmother. I know a lady like that. I live in a small town, we have two restaurants and I frequently see her at one. They don’t deliver mail where I live so sometimes I run into her at the post office. I crew on a sailboat that races against other sailboats and she happens to own one of those sailboats. We see each other quite often, and to me, she was always a little bit scary.

Imagine my surprise when one day she walked into our showroom! Long story short, I sold her a car. She remained a little scary through the entire process – professional, firm, reasonable but a little bit scary none the less. After that day I saw her little white Passion coupe running around town often and said a little prayer every time that I hope she is happy and never has a problem with her car because she knows where I live, eat, sail, get my mail, etc. And, she’s a little bit scary.

Moths go by, no problems, and I stop worrying about it. Then, one day she walks into the showroom with her hands on her hips and says “ANGELA!” Ut-O. Here it comes… “My smart hit a deer early this morning going 55 miles per hour and your little car is AMAZING!! I can’t believe how little damage there is!! You’ve got to come outside and see!!”

Wow. It really was amazing. The black plastic vented area just below the bottom of the windshield had a crack in it and the front tag bracket was knocked loose on one side. That’s it. Everybody that works in my dealership went outside to look and none of us could believe it. We offered to wash it for her, after all, there was blood smears and hair on the front service flap but she refused, she was enjoying showing and telling everyone that crossed her path what her little car had gone through that very morning.

I’ve gotten to know her pretty well since she bought her car and still see her frequently. I’ve really grown fond of her and don’t find her quite as scary as I used to. She’s a pretty cool lady, and she sure loves her smart car.

Article written by Angela Sand Fiedorowicz

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