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2013 Ford Flex

Ford has once again delivered an outstanding crossover vehicle that stands out in a big way. The all new 2013 Ford Flex has a bold style and spacious, interior design that should grab every driver’s attention! The exterior design features linear lines all around the vehicle, giving it a clean and simple, yet strong and bold look.

The interior of the Flex also boasts an impressive design. It seats seven comfortably, with the option of folding down the two back rows in case luggage becomes more of a priority. The front seats are both heated and cooled, which gives the driver and passenger optimal comfort no matter what the weather is outside. Also in the back, an optional refrigerated console comes with the Flex if you opt to get the bucket seats instead of the bench row seating. A perfect feature for when the kids need to keep their snacks and drinks cool.

The 2013 Flex has an impressive 3.5 EcoBoost engine with the power of a v8 and the fuel economy of a v6. What more could a driver want from their engine? How about a touch screen navigation system with SiriusXM radio? The 2013 Flex has it all. If you love vehicles that offer drivers and passengers the best comfort and design, the 2013 Ford Flex is definitely for you!

Interested in taking your whole crew for a test drive? Want to see if it has as much power and room as they say? Check out for a local Ford dealer nearest you and don’t just take our word for it, experience the 2013 Ford Flex for yourself.

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