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2013 GLK-350

2013 GLK-350

Although the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class SUV has always been highly recommended, the 2013 changes have put it over the top as a must buy luxury SUV.  This sought after luxury crossover guarantees rock-solid construction, a sophisticated ride and ample safety features. The GLK offers a class and comfortable ride with various technology features including a dual-screen rear seat entertainment system, satellite radio, the iPod/USB audio interface. Not to mention the power behind this small SUV, its V6 engine pushing output to 302 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. This V6 engine is putting the GLK as one of the quickest compact luxury crossover SUVs out there. Improvements to the engine efficiencies and one of the best automatic stop-start systems on the market boost the GLK350’s fuel economy.

The safety features on the GLK are most certainly a selling point. If you want your family safe on the crazy roads out there, the GLK is certainly something you’ll want to look into.  Mercedes has installed a gentle buzz in the steering wheel from a lane-departure warning system letting you know if you veer too close to the line. Benz’s Attention Assist stands by in case you fall asleep or simply stop paying attention. Not only that, but new-for-2013 is an emergency communications system that provides automatic crash notification, on-demand roadside assistance and a system that alerts the owner when a pre-selected speed or boundary is exceeded by another driver (say, a teen or valet). Blind-spot monitoring and lane-departure warning systems are also available options.

I could continue to list the vast technology features of the vehicle, or the signature materials found in the Mercedes-Benz family, but instead you should stop by and check them out first hand to fully amerce yourself. Find the nearest Benz dealer to you by heading over to

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