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2014 Honda Accord Plugin Hybrid

2014 Honda Accord Plugin Hybrid

The new 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid is quite possibly the best of both worlds. Combining the benefits of an electrically charged car with the ability to refuel traditionally has created a ton of excitement among Honda enthusiasts. The new Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid not only has incredible interior and exterior features, but it also enables consumers to save big bucks when it comes to refueling. With a staggering 124 city miles and 105 highway miles (when combining electric power and fuel power) who could refuse the opportunity to test drive this modern marvel?

The Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid includes a sleek aerodynamic exterior design that creates quick maneuvering on the highways. With a customized front hood, front bumper, and wheels the new 2014 Honda Plug-In Hybrid has maximum efficiency, as well as very cool style and design. The interior of the new Accord Plug-in Hybrid is able to match its sleek exterior with some new tech savvy extras that any buyer would enjoy.  Some of these new features include smart key entry, push key start, rear-view camera, lane watch, and a satellite navigation system. These are only a few of the cool new features Honda offers in their new 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid and it’s worth checking out in person to see the rest.

Most notably, one of the best features in the new 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid is the Econ button. This button enables you to switch between efficiency and acceleration while driving. The Econ button creates the ability to drive your vehicle three different ways. EV drive, Hybrid drive, and Engine drive are the three options the Accord Plug-In Hybrid lets you choose from. The EV drive option enables the driver to have 100% electric driving; this lets you conserve your fuel usage. Hybrid drive uses the fuel engine and electric motor to give the driver a good boost of acceleration, and lastly is the engine drive; this is predominantly used for highway efficiency, and it enables you to conserve fuel while having a fast and efficient driving experience on the highway.

Interested in experiencing the all new 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid firsthand? Check out for a list of your nearest Honda dealers.


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