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Meet the new 2013 Audi A8 – Progress never rests.


The new 2013 Audi A8 takes luxury to the next level. The new A8 was designed with the upmost elegance and top of the line safety features. The grille has been reinvented with angled corners and chrome to match the sleek hood. LED Headlight technology enhances the lighting of the vehicle. There is a wide range of upholstery, seats, colors, and other varieties of interior selections that you can choose to make your new A8 one of a kind.

New technology allows the 3.0T engine to be powerful without draining your gas tank and provides great handling of the vehicle. EPA estimates 28 Highway MPG with the eight-speed tiptronic transmission.  Crumple zones were put into the front and rear of the vehicle to help with force of any collision or unforeseen event. There are ten airbags throughout the car to help protect everyone who may be inside.

The new Audi A8 combines extravagance with protection to ensure top of the line quality and elegance for everyone driving and riding in the vehicle.

To learn more about the new 2013 Audi A8, check out this link for an in-depth look.

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The all new 2012 Audi A6 is the talk of the town with its latest features and cutting edge technology. The A6 features the Audi MMI Navigation plus with voice control system, which includes an innovative touchpad that interprets handwritten inputs. It also offers a color driver information system and voice control navigation. Limited to Audi, the Audi drive select is included, offering advanced control of steering, engine response, and transmission shift, which allows the driver to adjust the drive features to exactly their preference.

The keyless start allows the driver to start and stop the vehicle with merely a touch of a button, without worrying about digging for the keys. The all new A6 is updated with current technology allowing connection for the iPod and iPhone generation 4 and higher, displaying full iPod controls on the MMI screen and making streaming your favorite music easier than ever!

To learn more about the all new 2012 Audi A6 check out this link for an in-depth look!

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Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Lamborghini's fifth generation V12 supercar made its official debut in Geneva. Lamborghini had three Aventadors on display, ranging from the bright orange example we first saw in the studio photos to a more subtle grey and a stunning matte white. The white, in particular, shows off the various styling elements of the exterior, especially the muscular creases on the front and sides. Despite having more complex lines, the Aventador still manages to have a cleaner look than some of the later generation Murcielagos. We snag a few minutes inside, and the quality of materials is proof that Lamborghini is continuing to benefit the Volkswagen Group's influence.


Ferrari FF A European extravagasm like the Geneva Motor Show always holds its share of oddities, be they electric beach buggies or luxury cars swathed in Pepto Bismol. They don't usually come from a company like Ferrari, but this year the Maranello automaker joined the off-beat path with the new FF. It's a pure Ferrari thoroughbred, but its shape is vastly different from anything we've seen from the brand thus far.

2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate Mercedes-Benz hasn't made a whole host of changes for the 2012 C63 AMG. Exterior styling aside, the engine has carried over unchanged, and if we're honest, that's perfectly fine with us. After all, the 451-horsepower 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 under the hood is a gravel-voiced honey of a powerplant, and even if you don't add in the optional AMG Development package that boosts output to 481 hp, the end result is simply stunning.

2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate Mercedes-Benz hasn't made a whole host of changes for the 2012 C63 AMG. Exterior styling aside, the engine has carried over unchanged, and if we're honest, that's perfectly fine with us. After all, the 451-horsepower 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 under the hood is a gravel-voiced honey of a powerplant, and even if you don't add in the optional AMG Development package that boosts output to 481 hp, the end result is simply stunning.

Gumpert Tornante Remember the Gumpert Apollo? It boasted world-beating performance while wearing a face only a mother could love. Thanks to design firm Touring Superleggera, the Apollo now has a much better looking new sibling sharing the Gumpert stable. It's called Tornante, which, according to Google Translate, means "hairpin bend" in Italian. For all we care, it could mean "Sexy Catfish" because it's a huge leap forward in style when compared to the Apollo, even if the split-window Chevrolet Corvette rump is derivative and more than a little unflattering.

Pagani Huayra Let's be honest. After months, if not years of anticipation, we were all a little disappointed at the results when Pagani finally unveiled its new Huayra. But you know what? After seeing it up close and personal here on the floor of the Geneva Motor Show -- in red no less, which is invariably more suitable to an Italian exotic than beige champagne metallic -- we're convinced afresh that Horacio Pagani and company make some of the most desirable machinery known to man.

2012 Hyundai i40 Geneva has been quite a show for big, handsome wagons, from the stonking Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG to the shapely Saab 9-5 Sportcombi, there's been a kinschlepper for every taste and budget. Adding to the variety is Hyundai's new i40 estate, and it, too, is a looker. Boasting the same sharply rising character line as the Sonata sedan upon which it's based, the i40 nevertheless has a more traditional nose, with a smaller grille and headlamps that look more like those from the Sonata Hybrid. Overall, the front aesthetic lurks somewhere between the Elantra and an embiggened Veloster, but either way, it's all Hyundai and it's an attractive piece.

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept The beauty of Alfa Romeo is that it embodies the same sort of Italian flair as Ferrari and Maserati, but in a smaller, more accessible package. Unfortunately, their current range doesn't offer the same level of excitement. (Well, the 8C Competizione did, but then it was hardly any more affordable than its Modenese counterparts.) Enter the Alfa 4C. Smaller than the 8C it essentially succeeds, the 4C doesn't shed the excitement factor, just concentrates it into a more compact shape. In fact, at less than eight feet long, it doesn't get much more concentrated than this.

Volkswagen Bulli Concept Aside from the Beetle, Volkswagen's Microbus may be one of the most iconic vehicles ever to come out of the German automaker's stable. VW brought it back in concept form ten years ago, but despite a warm reception, plans to create a modern-day Microbus were scrapped. Now, though, Volkswagen is offering a second conceptual redux of its oh-so-popular van at the Geneva Motor Show with this, the Bulli concept.

Audi A3 sedan concept As promised, Audi trotted out its A3 sedan concept at the Geneva Motor Show, and it's a lovely bit of compact, Teutonic hotness. A ton of carbon fiber bits and pieces litter the shapely sheetmetal, all enclosing a very Germanic four-seat interior. Naturally, we're just as interested in the five-cylinder engine that uses turbocharging and FSI to pump out 408 horsepower. Peak torque measures 368 pound feet, and all that power is available between 1,600 and 5,300 rpm.

Saab PhoeniX Concept It's been about one year since Saab and General Motors parted ways, and the automaker is hellbent on showing the world what it's capable of creating on its own means. In addition to an Independence Edition of the 9-3 Convertible, Saab is showing off a major concept for the brand at this year's Geneva show ? a design that will preview the future face of the automaker, penned by famed designer Jason Castriota. In case you haven't been paying attention, Castriota has created such pretty creations as the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina and Bertone Mantide

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept BMW has pulled the wraps off of its latest concept vehicle, which is in part a research tool for the automaker as it looks towards the future of mobile networking. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept is a two-passenger roadster seeking to push new boundaries in the realm of automotive technology. The topless concept borrows much of its design from the Vision EfficientDynamics concept that's on the road to production, but this showcar focuses on three areas; comfort, safety and infotainment.

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Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. arrived for the premiere in style in the breathtaking R8 Spyder.

Robert Downey Jr. has returned to his role as the ingenious engineer and Super Hero, Iron Man. The world premiere of Iron Man 2 took place on Monday in Los Angeles. Along with Robert Downey Jr., several other big names accompanied director Jon Favreau down the red carpet, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Don Cheadle, Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson – and most importantly, the Audi R8 Spyder. Robert Downey Jr. arrived for the premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in style in the breathtaking R8 Spyder. It was a scene straight out of the Marvel Studios movie, in which main character Tony Stark drives the open-top two-seater.
The R8 Spyder is practically custom-made for the superhero, a technological genius who needs to drive the car without his high-tech suit, but can’t miss out on the innovative technology. Robert Downey Jr. and his R8 Spyder put Audi’s technology to good use: Iron Man’s visual capabilities are optimized by his helmet, for example, and the R8’s high efficiency LED headlights likewise provide for good vision.Audi R8 Spyder

The supercar from Audi matches the Super Hero’s indestructible suit with its own carbon fiber composite materials in parts of its exterior skin, along with a high-strength aluminum frame known as the Audi Space Frame. And they both have their supercharged hearts: a glowing artificial one in Iron Man’s chest, and an impressive mid-engine design in the R8, which is visible externally.

With its jet propulsion, Iron Man’s suit worn by Robert Downey Jr. is unrivalled – and the R8 Spyder, with its 525 hp engine, needn’t fear its rivals either. The 5.2 liter FSI engine of the R8 powers the two-seater convertible to a top speed of 194 miles an hour. Only flying could be faster– and in this case, Iron Man comes out on top. But Robert Downey Jr. hardly needs to concern himself. In Iron Man 2, he has the best of both worlds.

Tony Stark drives the open-top two-seater.

Tony Stark drives the open-top two-seater.

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As Green Cars become more and more desirable, luxury vehicles have more and more pressure to make their cars Eco friendly. Audi has recently created the Audi A3 TDI which has been named Green Car Journal’s 2010 Green Car of the Year.

This A3 TDI is stylish, upscale, has a 42 mpg highway fuel efficiency, substantial torque starting at 1,750 rpm and is approved to B5 bio-diesel fuel. With a wide and low stance, this A3 comes with 17″ alloy wheels; xenon headlights, daytime running lights, fog lights, and an S line exterior sport appearance. There is leather upholstery, aluminum accents, 10 speaker sound system, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, 40/60 fold-down read seats, 5 doors, and hatchback functionality.

This green car starts at a low base price of only $29,950. For a car brand that prides itself on being sporty and stylish it’s hard to believe it’s also friendly to mother earth. No longer do Audi drivers have to hear the wrath from Eco activists about their sporty polluting gas guzzler. Check out the new Audi A3 TDI at Tischer Audi in Silver Spring. We are sure you will agree that this sports car is evolutionary.

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Audi isn’t the first to add Google to its in-car information offerings. It is, however, the first to add Google Earth and then tie that in to a suite of mobile tools that will make using your navigation system almost as easy and comprehensive as using your home computer.

In the latest incarnation of Audi’s Multimedia Interface (MMI), Google Earth provides a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings. Then you can zoom over the landscape, choose a city to investigate and pull up its Wikipedia page. When you know where you want to go, let your finger do the typing on the touchpad to enter your destination. Follow the jump for a video of the system in action. The new A8 just got a little bit sweeter.

[Source: in2itech]

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Audi Launches Facebook Campaign


Another player in the struggling auto industry is expanding its Facebook presence. Luxury car maker Audi is teaming with TurnHere to launch a social video campaign on Facebook highlighting its participation in the “Youth Mobile 2030″ design challenge.

Audi currently has more than 324,000 Facebook fans, one of the highest among car makers. The new campaign will use videos to reach out to those fans and ask for their input on what features they would like to see on future cars.


“Video is a powerful way to experience the Audi brand and the passion of our design team. We wanted to show our Facebook fans that we’re committed to creating automobiles that fit our changing lifestyles; and having this conversation with them is a critical part of that process,” said Brad Stertz, Manager of Corporate Communications for Audi of America. “TurnHere did a great job of capturing that passion and desire in an authentic way that lets our designers start the conversation online among our fans.”

“Youth Mobile 2030″ is the theme of this year’s Los Angeles Design Challenge, with design studios in Southern California submitting their concepts of cars for consumers in the year 2030. According to the designers featured in the videos, Audi is attempting to take into consideration lifestyle as much as form and function in their design, and the car company is looking for insight from its Facebook fans for direction.

The campaign is an excellent use of an existing fan base to gather data about what customers will be looking for in future products.

To dig deeper on marketing your business or brand inside Facebook, check out our industry-leading Facebook Marketing Bible and Best & Worst of Facebook Marketing 2009 report.

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2009 Audi A4 Allroad Quattro Spied

2009 Audi A4 Allroad Quattro Spied
2009 Audi A4 Allroad Quattro Spied - Latest News, Features, and Reviews - Automobile Magazine.
The next Audi Allroad Quattro will move to the A4 platform.

Although we haven’t seen it in North America since 2005, Audi‘s Allroad Quattro off-road wagon continues to thrive in Europe. Judging by these spy photos, it may continue to do so – albeit with a major platform change.

Photo Gallery: 2009 Audi A4 Allroad Quattro Spied – Latest News, Features, and Reviews – Automobile Magazine.

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