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On Saturday December 4th, Heritage Hyundai Towson will be among the first dealerships to debut Hyundai’s newest and most luxurious model, the Equus.  Heritage Hyundai in Towson has been selected as one of the few Hyundai dealerships that will offer the brand new Equus from Hyundai.  Heritage Hyundai Towson will celebrate this opportunity with a limited event for customers to visit and see the all-new vehicle for themselves.

Hyundai Equus

Visitors are encouraged to come discover what the Hyundai Equus is all about. With quality features such as; Lexicon® surround sound, a multimedia entertainment system,  hi-def navigation, a rear backup camera, Lane Departure Warning System, nine airbags, and many more. Additionally the Equus features an award-winner 385-hp V8 engine – more power than the Lexus LS460, Mercedes S550 and the Audi A8.

The lavishly equipped Equus will be available for viewing at Heritage Hyundai Towson on December 4th from 10:00am until 1:00pm. Light snacks and drinks will be provided at the exclusive debuting of the Hyundai Equus at 801 York Road Towson, Maryland 21204.

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Techies Transportation


When it comes to technology, you’re either an “early adopter” or you’re a “laggard”. Even among early adopters, there are those that stand out, the “innovators,” as marketers call them. This category includes people willing to stand in line all night in a driving rain outside an Apple store to get an iPad at the first moment of its market launch.

So, what do these kinds of people drive? According to the quick answer is a Chevy Camaro, Kia Soul or Ford Flex. The cars most popular with techies are based on a survey of 140,000 consumers over the last two years. Six other vehicles on the list are certainly no surprise: Acura TL, Infiniti G, Lexus IS, the Hyundai Genesis sedan, and the Porshe Cayenne. Innovators and early adopters are more likely to choose a luxury car, concludes. used the 2010 Acura TL as an example. At a base price of $35,105, it offers Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, a USB port and an iPod interface as standard features. Options like a 10-speaker audio system that plays audiophile DVD-Audio discs, a navigation system with voice recognition, and a rear-view camera take it to the next level.

Muscle is the Camaro’s chief innovation, serving up 300 hp from its direct injection V6 or 426 hp from its V8. The Ford Flex in part made the list thanks to its edgy exterior styling. According to, “Innovators are people who are more likely to take risks and they will definitely gravitate to vehicles with bolder and more polarizing styling.”

What these folks have in common is a desire to try out new things and share their experiences with their peers. So, just how adventurous or “techie” are you when it comes to your form of transportation?

Top Cars for Technology Innovators:

1. Chevrolet Camaro

2. Kia Soul

3. Ford Flex

4. Hyundai Genesis Sedan

5. Porsche Cayenne

6. Ford F-Series pickup

7. Acura TL

8. Infiniti G sedan

9. Volkswagen CC

10. Nissan Maxima

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Wednesday August 25th was the kickoff presentation to the Hyundai Hope On Wheels event. All of our Hall Hyundai General Managers; Nick Vendt, Michael Komives, and William Rodgers attended this touching event.

Cancer patients at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters covered their palms with paint and then gave a H…yundai Santa Fe a custom paint job of sorts. Hyundai dealers in Hampton Roads presented a $40,000 check to the Norfolk children’s hospital as part of the company’s national Hope On Wheels effort. “You know cancer kids, they are so often put in this box and told that it’s something to be sad about, you have to be depressed and sad about your diagnosis, but the thing is we’re just normal people,” said 18-year-old Preston Heinlein.

$5 is added to the Hope on Wheels program each time a new Hyundai is sold…LETS SELL THOSE HYUNDAI’S. The company hopes to donate as much as $6 million to childhood cancer research. The cure rate for childhood lukemia is up to 80% now. “And it’s all using drugs that have been available for years – just learning how to better use them, how to better manage them, how to combine them all through cooperative research that just takes years to do,” explained pediatric oncologist Dr. Eric Lowe. The money will be used to support Dr. Lowe’s resarch on using technology to improve compliance with chemotheraphy protocols with the hope of improving survival.

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Hyundai Hope On Wheels


Committed to Fighting Childhood Cancer

2010 marks the twelfth year that Hyundai and its dealers have been committed to supporting the fight against childhood cancer. What began in 1998 as a local initiative supported by New England-area Hyundai dealers to raise funds for the Jimmy Fund at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has evolved into Hyundai Hope on Wheels, an independent nonprofit organization which is supported nationwide by all of Hyundai’s 780 dealers and Hyundai Motor America. Since 1998, Hyundai Hope on Wheels has donated more than $14 million to children’s hospitals nationwide to help kids fight cancer. Every time a new Hyundai vehicle is sold in the U.S., $5 is donated to Hope on Wheels.

The Hope on Wheels Tour is the united effort of Hyundai dealers across the country to raise awareness about childhood cancer and celebrate the lives of the courageous children battling the disease. This summer, the Hope on Wheels Tour will travel to 42 children’s hospitals across the country and donate more than $2 million to support further training and research for doctors involved in childhood cancer research, making it the largest single year of donations in the organization’s history. Including, your Norfolk, VA Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters. Hyundai Hope on Wheels designates the medical professionals supported by these donations as Hyundai Scholars.

The 2010 Tour will also host Handprint Ceremonies for childhood cancer patients, both past and present, at the 42 children’s hospitals receiving donations. The symbol of the Hope on Wheels Tour is a white Hyundai Santa Fe covered with colorful handprints representing childhood cancer patients from all over the country. The Handprint Ceremony celebrates the courage of childhood cancer patients by capturing their colorful handprints on the white Santa Fe; children attending the ceremony are asked to lend a hand and place their own handprints on the car to commemorate their battle with cancer. Why handprints? Because there’s nothing more personal than a handprint – and the goal of the Hope on Wheels Tour is to share the personal triumphs of each of these children with other childhood cancer patients and their families across the country. Whether it’s completing a round of chemo, celebrating a beautiful new head of hair or receiving a clean bill of health, one childhood cancer patient’s milestone can be another’s symbol of hope.

Hall Hyundai Newport News & Hall Hyundai Western Branch & Hall Hyundai Elizabeth City

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USA Network’s Burn Notice Signs Hyundai Sponsorship

Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), demolitions expert on USA Network’s top-rated series ‘Burn Notice’ was in need of a new set of wheels during the mid-season finale. Hyundai was more than willing to step in and offer her a lift!

Hyundai has signed on as a 360-degree sponsor of the show, in a deal that includes significant integration. Hyundai’s Genesis Coupe will serve as Fiona’s new ride through the remaining of season three. Nice set of wheels!

There are customized vignettes for Hyundai, short sketches designed to underscore the connection between the ‘Burn Notice’ characters and the Hyundai brand. While tagged tune-ins for the progam and banners will showcase the Hyundai Tuscan, a midsize SUV.

Hyundai also is incorporated in USA’s online videogame, Covert Ops: Vegas Heist, as Fiona’s Genesis will be a featured element throughout the game.

Burn Notice was the second most-watched series on ad-supported cable in 2009. AIring Thursdays at 10:00pm on USA Network, don’t miss the action pact season with the thrilling new Genesis Coupe features on Burn Notice.

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The Hyundai Nuvis

The 11th concept car penned by Hyundai‘s California Design Center in Irvine is called the Nuvis. Sporting gullwing doors, the Nuvis is noteworthy for two reasons: First, its hybrid drivetrain will find its way into the next-generation Hyundai Sonata, and second, Hyundai says the concept’s styling hints at what the Santa Fe’s replacement could look like.

Hyundai’s Hybrid Blue Drive architecture combines a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder (known as the Theta II) with a 30-kW electric motor, the last also producing 151 lb.-ft. of torque. The total estimated output of 228 bhp is put to the road via a 6-speed automatic transmission. Hyundai says the Nuvis’s lithium polymer batteries, which are stored underneath the trunk floor, are more durable and space efficient than nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion versions.

As a parallel hybrid, the Nuvis can be driven in all-electric mode, gasoline-engine-only mode as well as any combination thereof. Engine management software automatically shuts off the gasoline engine when the Nuvis comes to a stop, improving overall fuel mileage and providing zero emissions, while Hyundai’s Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) restarts the engine once pressure is applied to the accelerator pedal.

509_hyundai_nuvis_inside1Hyundai says the Nuvis’s radical styling “hints at a possible design direction for a future-generation crossover,” most likely the next Santa Fe or its replacement, although don’t count on the production vehicle using those gullwing doors! The staff at the California Design Center “studied the way water splits across and flows around the hull and sides of a boat” in creating the Nuvis, to form the illusion of constant motion.

The large gullwing doors open to a luxurious 4-seat cabin with a “cascading” floor and ambient blue lighting. The seat fabric is made from 100-percent reclaimed soda bottles; while the seatbelts were made by Harveys Original Seatbeltbags (they make handbags out of seatbelts.)

The Nuvis’s instrument panel streams information throughout the cabin, with passengers able to access each other via Methode Electronics TouchSense technology that links all four seats; after all, why go to the trouble of actually talking to one another?

Search Hybrid vehicles now!

MotorWorld Hyundai 1.866.214.5688
150 MotorWorld Drive, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703

Hall Hyundai 1.866.252.3363
3416 Western Branch Blvd., Chesapeake, VA 23321

Hall Hyundai Newport News 1.866.804.1441
12872 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News, VA 23608

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2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe by HKS – SEMA Preview
2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe by HKS - SEMA Preview - Automobile Magazine
This sleek red Genesis coupe is headed for the show floor at SEMA – and bringing plenty of hop-up parts with it.

Two down, one to go. Hyundai has announced its second of three SEMA Genesis coupes (not to be confused with the Sega Genesis game console). This one is a cooperation between the Korean manufacturer and Japanese performance accessory maker HKS.

Photo Gallery: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe by HKS – SEMA Preview – Automobile Magazine

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2009 Hyundai Sonata SE V6

2009 Hyundai Sonata SE V6
2009 Hyundai Sonata SE V6 - Hyundai Midsize Sedan Review - Automobile Magazine
The 2009 Hyundai Sonata is a remarkably normal, if not terribly involving, mid-size sedan.

It’s been some time since I’ve been in a Sonata, and I was remarkably surprised by what I found when I sat behind the wheel of our test car. Somehow, in the past four or five years, Hyundai‘s bread-and-butter four-door has crept into normalcy. The Sonata is an attractive, thoroughly pleasant mid-size sedan, one that I wouldn’t mind recommending to any of my nonenthusiast friends. Gone is the heinously dead steering, the cut-rate interior, and the sluggish, slam-bang transmission of the previous Sonata, and while it’s no sport sedan, the current Sonata is at least marginally entertaining to drive. Torque steer has been cut to a minimum, the 3.3-liter V-6 is remarkably strong, and the interior is both quiet and comfortable. The Sonata isn’t quite as entertaining as something like a Honda Accord – the engine is too uninvolving, the chassis too distant, the steering too Toyota-like – but it’s still a remarkably strong effort, and one that should keep most ordinary drivers perfectly happy.

Photo Gallery: 2009 Hyundai Sonata SE V6 – Hyundai Midsize Sedan Review – Automobile Magazine

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2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6

2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6
2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6 - Luxury Car Comparison - Automobile Magazine
With the Genesis, Hyundai takes on the big guns of the luxury-car establishment. Are the Koreans shooting straight?

Once upon a time, a japanese giant pulled a bit of a sneaky move on the established German luxury-car market. Known best for its inexpensive, reliable economy cars, Toyota launched the 1990 Lexus LS400 – a big, rear-wheel-drive, V-8-powered luxury car. The LS was to compete with the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz S-class, but it cost little more than the entry-level 190E. The Germans laughed (and laughed, and laughed), but it was the Japanese who laughed last. The LS400 was, in fact, a worthy rival to the S-class, and to remain competitive over the next decade and a half, Mercedes would slash the price of its S-class by almost twenty percent.

Photo Gallery: 2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6 – Luxury Car Comparison – Automobile Magazine

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